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Our Story

The Colorado Dance Collective (CDC) was established in July of 2009, by a small group of dedicated dancers, and later that year, qualified for non-profit status under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Now in our 14th year, the CDC has grown to include five separate auditioned companies, each specializing in a different dance style: Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, and Swing. Our dancers are adults, 18 and older, in all stages of life, who find common ground in their passion for dance as a performing art. Over the years, under the guidance of our volunteer Artistic Directors and Board of Directors, the CDC has broadened its scope to include several community outreach programs and multiple performance opportunities per year. 

While we are active in the community in many ways, our three main outreach programs are Hip Hop Madness, The Wardrobe, and The Dance Teacher Alliance. 

Hip Hop Madness is a free day of dance classes culminating in an evening performance by Hip Hop groups from around Colorado. It has been produced by the CDC since 2014, and in 2022 was attended by 91 dancers of all ages. 

The Wardrobe is a collection of new and gently used dance class attire and costumes available to dancers in northern Colorado. By providing these items at little or no cost, dancers can focus more on dancing and less on the expense. 

The Dance Teacher Alliance is an informal association of local dance teachers and studio owners who come together to share ideas and create a community that values inclusivity and open communication. With guest speakers and lively conversations, the CDC facilitates a community of artists who support and celebrate with each other. 

In addition to several smaller performance opportunities, the CDC presents two major dance productions per year. Our performances are well attended by a broad range of community members who appreciate the diverse dance and music styles presented in a dynamic multimedia format. Our productions feature each of our dance companies, along with local dance groups. In the winter, The Hot Chocolate Collective provides an evening of holiday festivities including spirited dances, a silent auction, and of course, cookies and hot cocoa! Our Showcase performance in the spring offers thought provoking and fun-loving dances focused on a theme. 

The Showcase theme for 2022 was “Off the Tracks.” We were thrilled to partner with the Colorado Model Railroad Museum to take the audience on a unique journey complete with a vintage uniform for our narrating conductor and incredible set pieces donated by the Museum. The resulting collaboration took the audience on an adventure both artistically and emotionally. This production felt like our way of expressing both an appreciation for the experiences that bring us to where we are in our lives and the excitement we feel for the opportunities in the future. After several recent productions were “derailed” by Covid-19, this production truly felt like a new beginning. 

In the fall of 2019, the CDC moved to what we affectionately call The Greeley Warehouse. This space is also home to other local artists and musicians, as well as independent dance and fitness teachers with whom we share our studios. It feels alive with creative and synergistic energy. Many of the CDC classes are open to the public for a nominal charge of $5 per class, with dancers coming to the studio for weekly classes from within a 60 mile radius. 

It is our vision to be a diverse and inclusive company of dancers known for our innovative, high quality productions and service oriented community interactions which promote dance as an integral part of our culture. We work hard to achieve this vision each day. 

Covid-19 changed the landscape for performing arts in many ways, and the CDC is not unique in its struggle to reestablish solid footing. We are continually looking for new ways to partner with the community and fulfil our vision to raise awareness of dance as an integral part of our culture. This past year we stepped out to connect in different ways than in the past. Our collaboration with the Colorado Model Train Museum brought a new audience to both our “Off the Tracks” performance and to the museum. We hope that our collaboration with artist Wes Sam Bruce to create an immersive art installation in a local library will bring dance to new audiences with messages of acceptance, appreciation and inclusion. We performed flash mobs at local community events to the delight of attendees, bringing our joy of dance to our neighbors. We also partnered with local sports teams as volunteers to support their events. 

By collaborating and engaging in these ways, the Colorado Dance Collective feels more connected to our community than ever before. Every bit of financial support we receive goes directly back to our dancers, our production costs, and our community outreach efforts. We continue to appreciate how our community makes us stronger, how dance elevates us from the every day, and how together we overcome our differences and become stronger. Thank you for your support.


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